10 Common Weight Loss Mistakes-Part 2

May 13th, 2019

Last week, we touched on an issue millions around the world claim to have–the struggle of weight loss. You feel like you are doing everything right, and yet you can not seem to keep your weight off, or even worse, you cannot lose it at all. While there are many factors that influence weight loss, in this article we will touch on the last 5 of the 10 most common weight loss mistakes people seem to make.




6. Depriving yourself of healthy fats.

The term “fat” scares a lot of people, but it is important to remember that there are healthy and unhealthy fats. Healthy fats are essential to our bodies and help us feel more full for longer periods of time. In fact, healthy fats should be included in every meal, if possible. Examples of healthy fats include: seeds, nuts, liquid oils, avocados, soy, oily fish and dairy products.



7.  Turning away from high-sugar fruits

Similar to high-fat foods, many people also turn down healthy fruits in fear of the high sugar content. Because these fruits also usually have a high fiber content as well, the fiber counterbalances the effect of the sugar. Additionally, sugar is needed in our diet in moderation, and getting our sugars from fruits is more beneficial than getting them from processed foods.



8. Relying on weight loss pills

Weight Loss pills and drinks are simply a quick fix, and most of the time, if a lifestyle modification is not made, you will usually gain the weight back as quick as you lost it, if not more. Though you lose weight at a slower pace through lifestyle modification, the weight lost will actually stay off. It is also important to remember that because many of these pills are not FDA approved, we are unaware of the chemicals we are putting into our bodies, and these pills can cause many negative side effects over time.




9. Taking the weekends off from healthy eating

While the weekends are a time to relax and unwind, you should not completely relax on your diet. Doing this tempts many people to over indulge in food and calories, thus throwing off all the hard work you did throughout the week. If you feel you are dieting and not losing weight, maybe take a look back at what you are eating on the weekends, and how much you are eating.



10. Not drinking enough water

Most of us are not getting as much water as we should be. Studies have shown that people who drink at least a glass or two of water before a meal tend to eat less than those who do not. Additionally, depriving ourselves of water may lead us to feeling hungry, even when we are not.



Many people often say, weight loss is a marathon, not a race. If you feel you are trying everything to lose weight, but are still struggling, take a look back and see if you are making any of the very common mistakes many of us make. And if you have any further questions, please feel free to speak to one of our providers.



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Written by Zeenat Mirza